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[Youzer v2.5.2 ] The new “Share Posts” feature is finally here!

Youssef Kaine - July 27, 2020 - 0 comments


We are finally back to the Youzer development and we are planning to add many new amazing feature that you guys were requesting.

Our road to Youzer 3.0 will be full of new exciting features and improvements to make Youzer better than ever.

Important Notice :

We will release today a new version for almost all of our extensions. Please make sure to update them if you are using any of your extensions to make sure they are compatible with this new last version and avoid any kind of conflicts.

In this new version we released one of the most requested features which is the share feature that you guys were waiting for and also we added few improvements on the activity posts that we will talk about in this topic.

Before we talk about the share feature, here’s the new activity posts look that show the activity statistics and buttons in a new improved way! also this new activity layout will fit perfectly on the new activity layouts that we will added soon.

As you noticed in the previous image there’s a new button named “Share” that you can use to share users posts.

We will take this new post below as an example to show you how it look like if we shared it.

to share this post we need to click on the “share” button after that this new pop-up below will show up, and if the shared content is too long it will be collapsed with a button to show full preview of the shared post.

As you will notice you can :

  • Set the shared post privacy.
  • You can tag you friends.
  • You can set your mood/feelings
  • You can choose where to post the shared post : Your profile, or any group you are a member of.
  • You can add a caption for the shared post, you can use hashtags, emojis …

After clicking “Post” the new shared post will look like this :

How i can see the users that shared a specific post ?

You can do it simply by clicking on the shares number and a new pop-up with users list will show up.

What posts can be shared ?

  • Only Public posts can be shared.
  • if you are inside a private or secret group you can only share the post inside the same group.
  • You can share public groups posts anywhere you want.

What if i shared a user public post and after that the user changed their post privacy or removed it ?

in this case the shared content won’t be available and it will look like this :

What if a user shared another shared post, which content will be exactly shared ?

in this case the very first original shared post content is the one that will be shared ( Just like Facebook ). But if you don’t like that behavior you can use this snippet below to disable it and make it share only the very last post content :


How i can disable this sharing feature ?

You can disable it from Youzer Panel > General Settings > Wall Settings > Posts Buttons Settings.

How i can hide shared posts from activity feed ?

You can hide it from Youzer Panel > General Settings > Wall Settings > Control Wall Posts Visibility

If you have any other questions or a feedback or suggestions on how we can improve this feature more, please consider joining our facebook group below and let us know. we will be happy to hear it.

We also fixed few bugs and we improved the activity performance a bit by removing some counting functions that were in the old version.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is YOUZER-3rd-Anniversary-3.png

What’s coming next?

In the next week we will release a new feature that it was requested a lot over the past 2 years and it was planned to come as a paid extension but we will offer it for free inside the Youzer core plugin as a gift in return of the love and support we receive from our wonderful customers.

Stay tuned & Stay safe. See you next week 🙂