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The best Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin Ever. We Proved it !

Youzer - The Best UserPro Wordpress Plugin Alternative .

Youzer is the best userpro alternative community and user profile wordPress plugin plugin for your business of all time, with all the features you need and more to build the best wordpress community where users can express them selves and interact with each other.

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The free version is a great way to test youzer in your site to see how it looks like and take a closer look on the features and how they works.

We will send you a link to download youzer. please note that updates and support is not provided.

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Access the demo and see all the features we offer to have a clear idea on what to expect when you buy it.

New!! Directories.

Check our buddypress directories demos

Members directory

Global News Feed

Groups directory

14 Profile Header Styles.

Check our variation of user profile header styles.

Header Style 1

Header Style 2

Header Style 3

Header Style 4

Check what the big brands said about youzer !

Big Brands' Reviews.


Viktor Vincej
Youzer is one of the most complex USER PROFILE plugins full of features! Documentation is excellent and I definitely enjoyed working with customer support as well, very fast and helpful. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you guys !

β€” Viktor Vincej


Daan Tol
If you’re looking for a brand new experience with your BuddyPress website, you want to have fun with your user profile and really add color and excitement to your overall experience, look no further – Youzer plugin is exactly what you need. With over 700 options covering everything you could possibly imagine, it will definitely show you a whole new world!

β€” Daan Tol


Kyla Glover
If you want to quickly add a large selection of high-quality templates to your BuddyPress community website, then Youzer is hard to beat. If you want to create a community focused website with WordPress, then a plugin like Youzer is essential.

β€” Kyla Glover


Dhiraj Das
One of the most comprehensive community plugins available for WordPress platform. The Youzer plugin will take your community or membership site to the next level in terms of design and features. If you are using BuddyPress or planning to create a membership site using WordPress, you must have a look at Youzer plugin. With over 700 options, this plugin will supercharge your community site almost instantly.

β€” Dhiraj Das


Brian Harris
Youzer is like the give that keeps on giving with every update! The crazy thing is you get all this amazing value for life, at this price Youzer is an absolute steal.

β€” Brian Harris

User Profile Features.

This is a list of some of the user profile features.

  • Profile Avatar & Cover

Allow users to upload and crop avatars and covers and also the possibility to set default ones in case the user didn’t upload them yet.

  • 14 Header Styles

A variety of 14 beautiful buddypress profile header styles with many different horizontal and vertical layouts to choose from them.

  • +22 Profile Widgets

Too many buddypress profile widgets to give users the ability to showcase different type of information like slideshow, skills, quotes …

  • Verified Badges

Allows admins to specify verified accounts by giving them the verified badge to stand out in the members directory, groups, activity wall …

  • Unlimited Custom Tabs

create unlimited profile custom tabs with shortcodes or html codes, and control the created tabs title, icon, order, visibility.

  • Unlimited Profile Structures

Edit the widgets order and placement by switching them from overview to the profile sidebar & hide them without removing them.

  • Public & Private Profiles

Allow users to have private profiles so only their friends can access their profile content, by default the buddypress profiles are public.

  • Extremely Customizable

Set buddypress profile default tab, edit profile widgets structure, control profile widgets visibility, effects, styling, tabs order and more.

  • Unlimited Ads Widgets

Use our ads builder to create unlimited buddypress ads widgets with many types of content like banners or adsense code.

  • 404 Profile Page

Creative buddypress 404 profile page that will show up if visitors accessed a non existing profile and you can customize it as you want.

  • Unlimited Custom Widgets

Create unlimited profile custom widgets by using shortcodes or custom html code and control their visibility and position.

  • Unlimited Color Schemes

There’s variation of 16 color schemes ready to be used and you can set a custom color easily to match your site or brand color.

Check Our Buyers Reviews

Our Real Buyers' Reviews

Customer Support

Can't say enough how GREAT this plugin is and how AWESOME Kaine is with support. This is a clear example of someone who creates something fantastic and stands by it 100%. Keep up the good work man!

β€” PCol2015

Design Quality

it's modern and the interface is super simple to navigate. The ease with which it can be customized is out of this world too. I absolutely enjoy building my website with it. Thumbs up to the developer!

β€” Code3Gail

Code Quality

You won't find anything better. This plugin is world class. Definitely worth buying, kudos to the author. 10/10, would buy again πŸ™‚ Also, the creator of this plugin is super friendly person, so I guess the support will be awesome too!

β€” kacper3355


Awesome profiles, a clean modern system and great support! A really refreshing break from all the old bloated systems out there. The developer is very supportive and dedicated to the project.

β€” charlie0689

Design Quality

Plugin is awesome, works perfectly right out of the box and transforms your site in a very reliable and beautiful community. Support is also very fast. I had a small issue upon installing the plugin and it was solved in a matter of minutes..

β€” wbrenner

Customer Support

I've dealt with many developers and I must say hands down this is the best support team. I look forward to seeing this plugin grow in the future. Thank you so much for all you do & keep up the great work.

β€” cweencee

Design Quality

AMAZING plugin. Everything from the design to the code is clean and well put together. One of the best parts of it is the support and the amount of work that KaineLabs continues to put into this plugin. Buy it now if you're hesitating at all. Pretty much every aspect of this is A+++

β€” elliotttate

Customer Support

This is a massive plugin with tons of great features. Although there is a learning curve to take, we were able to do most of the settings and customizations ourselves. When we needed help the support team was there to solve our issues. Highly recommend it.

β€” xtremewebsites


This is an excellent plugin.. all you could ever need and more! So manyoptions and features that it is best you are prepared to put some hours in to set up the plugin... practically every aspect can be changed.. so there are a lot of settings! Support has been great too... always same day or less than 12 hours.. highly recommended!

β€” RobertoSci

Community Social Features.

Check why youzer is the best wordpress community plugin !

Social Wall

Wordpress social stream lets you share posts, images, videos and more content.

Friend Connections

friendship system with the ability to send, accept, or remove friendship.

Follows & Unfollow

follow and unfollow users system like facebook and twiter.

Notifications & Notices

stay up to date and get notified on Likes, Comments, Group Invites, and more.

Private Messages

Send and receive public or private messages from other Users.

User Groups

create and manage public, private, secret groups and set admins and moderators.

Ratings & Reviews

give users the ability to rate eachothers and give reviews.

Points & Badges

youzer is compatible with MyCred plugin to reward users with points and badges .

Social Login

Allow users to login and register via facebook, google, twitter and more

Bookmark Posts

Save social wall posts to view them later and control your bookmarks privacy.

Likes System

You can Like and unlike wall posts and see the list of people that liked a post.

Comments & Replies

Comment on wall posts or reply to existing comments to express your opinion

Media Uploader

Allow users to upload images, video, audios and many more file types.

Mention Friends

Mention other users using ``@`` in posts, comments, groups feed and more.

Site Directories

Many directories: Member directory, Groups directory, Activities directory.

Sticksy Posts

Admins can pin unlimited posts in the top of the global activity wall or groups.

Emoticons & Smileys

A big list of emoticons to brighten up wall posts, comments and messages.

Site-wide Notices

You can send a site-wide notice to all your website users with one click.

Live Url Preview

When users post a url into the wall posting form it will show a live url preview.

Extended Profiles

create unlimited number of custom fields, and control their visibility.

Check What Bryant McGill Said About Youzer !

International Best-Selling Author & Top Social Media Influencer

Bryant McGill
I am delighted I found you on CodeCanyon. I have bought practically every system out there, and finally I lucked up and found you on a recent search. I have never written a review before but was compelled to do so for a number of reasons.

Kaine not only has taste and an artists eye, but his support is by far, the best I have encountered β€” ever. I believe this plugin is greatly underpriced, and what he has accomplished so far is a tremendous enhancement.

I encourage everyone to do yourself a favor and use this plugin, and to get behind this developer financially, to encourage his continued work on this project.

β€” Bryant McGill

Human Potential Thought Leader

User Membership Features.

Check why youzer is the best wordpress membership plugin !

Social Login

allow users to login and register via facebook, google, twitter, instagram and linked-in.

Login Form

Front-end login page, widget and shortcode, with the ability to create +240 different form style.

Registration Form

Allow users to register via the front-end of your website and add unlimited registration fields.

Reset Password

Your website users will be able to reset their accounts password easily and at any time.

Captcha System

You can protect the registration form from bots with the google advanced recaptcha system.

Manage Signups

Buddypress Signups Manager helps you to perform common tasks with pending signups and more.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Create and manage unlimited custom fields with multiple types and control their visibility.

Limit Login Attmepts

Increase your site security by limiting the number of login attempts possible for each ip.

Front-end Settings

Users will take the full control over their account, with no need to access the back-end anymore.

Ajax Login

Users will be able to login smoothly with no screen refreshes on errors

Notification Emails

Manage and customize all the users notification emails easily from the back-end dashboard.

Export Data

Now your website users will be able to upload all their profile information with one click.

Hide Dahsboard & Toolbar

With one click hide the back-end dashboard and the wordpress top toolbar for logged-in users.

Custom Redirections

Set the pages where you want to redirect logged-in users, admins, and even logged-out users.

Information Privacy

Allow users to set a privacy level for each field type. ex: everyone, all members, only me, my friends.

Highly Customizable

Change all the forms headers and change their styles with a variation of styling options.

#easy used #perfectly designed #excellently coded #extremely supported

Build Your Community Now !

With all the features we provide and beside our amazing support

we proved that youzer is

The best wordpress user profile & community plugin

which make it

The best userpro wordpress plugin alternative for your business.

So what are you waiting for ?

start your new exciting journey now and enjoy the ride.

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